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Scallops Provenšal

2 shallots-not onions
unsalted butter for frying
tiny hint of oil so butter doesn't burn
2 cloves of garlic added to shallots

add scallops-after a minute or so turn them
add salt and pepper
add quite a bit of cayenne pepper
add herbes de provence
turn scallops gently-push to one side

add 3 tomatoes-peeled and cubed
add chopped parsley
mix tomatoes and parsley a bit in the hot skillet
after a bit mix tomatoes, parsley and scallops all together

add just over half a small container of unwhipped whipping cream
mix this a bit-cooking maybe a minute

serve over rice

Mango Sauce

grate ginger-about 2-3 inch piece
it should make about 2 tablespoons when grated
put ginger, some unsalted butter and sugar together in a non stick pan
to caramelize

add 2 thinly sliced apples
add about 2 handfuls of non seeded grapes
add 3-4 peaches thinly sliced
add 3 thinly sliced bananas
add raisins (if you can soak the raisins a few hours before using them
and squeeze them out before using them)
warm all this up-don't cook it

at end add sliced mango

add 1/4 litre cream and stir gently - when hot it is finished
serve over rice with pan fried chicken on the side

Birgit Schmidt

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